Jay Monych

Jay Monych

Long Range Firearms Instructor

Jay Monych is a licensed private investigator specializing in criminal investigations and for the past 25 years has practiced at both state and federal levels. In his early years he was a top competitor in the shotgun sports field and won many states matches before moving into Tactical Divisions. Jay has also competed in multiple National Level PRS matches since 2016.  He currently competes in  NALRSA competitions and ELR matches across the Unites States.

For the past 20 years Jay has trained in and instructed many disciplines in tactical engagement, specifically dealing with urban sniper training. He has trained LEO, novices and highly trained shooters alike in long range precision tactics at Mill Creek Shooting Resort in Colorado 

He currently specializes in Long Range and ELR Instruction using Triple C Range in Cresson, TX as his base.

His decades of expertise in a wide range of related disciplines makes him a dynamic, innovative leader for our Shooting Sports Team.

Jay says… “I look forward to working with everyone and helping you improve your shooting skills!”