Long Range Shooting & The SCCY CPX-3


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Long Range Shooting & The SCCY CPX-3

Down Range Radio is a weekly podcast published every Wednesday morning and hosted by Michael Bane. We cover the latest from the firearms industry, the Second Amendment, shooting sports and personal defense. This is the audio version of Wednesday Night At The Range on Outdoor Channel.

Michael reports from his trip to the Mill Creek Shooting Resort and talks about the CPX-3 models from SCCY.

Review: Mill Creek Shooting Resort Facilities and Long Range Shooting Class

Nestled at the foot of a mesa about 8,000 feet above sea level and four hours’ drive southwest of Denver resides one of the nation’s premier long-range shooting facilities. A-hundred-and-fifty-some-odd years ago it was a stagecoach stop. In more recent history, it served as a dude ranch resort. As of last fall, Mill Creek Shooting Resort was purchased with the specific intention to turn it into, well, a shooting resort . .

Mill Creek Shooting Resort – A Must Experience

“Come as our guest. Leave as our family!” That is the motto of Mill Creek Resort owner J. In the middle of beautiful South Central CO. is the Mill Creek Shooting Resort. What is a 350 plus acre ranch, Mill Creek Resort offers not only a great shooting facility but comforting lodging, home cooked meals, amazing staff and other activities such as horse-back riding and more. A 2 hour drive from Colorado Springs or 3 hours from Denver it is an easy destination to get to and worth the trip. Rob and I and our dog Blue had the pleasure of being private guests for a weekend to film for the TV show Modern Shooter. More on that story later. At Mill Creek, shooting clinics in several disciplines from world class instructors and competitors can be customized for any group whether for friends or for corporate retreats. If you are an instructor or retreat organizer and looking for a venue to bring your own groups to then this is your place. When you drive through the front gate toward the buildings you come to realize they are built as a western town. Then when you look closely you notice the detailed craftsmanship in each building. Stand on the porch of the town saloon and look out over the ranch and gasp at the beautiful view. It is high desert but mountainous and with trees. The ranch was originally built by an eccentric billionaire.

The March 2018 Mile Shot Class Was a Huge Success

fter introductions all around the instructors called everyone in for a safety briefing before heading over to the zero range to get the class started

The shooter’s rifles are lined up facing the berm for safety until each shooter is called to the line.

The instructors explained that in long-range precision shooting the importance of knowing the velocity of the ammo that you are shooting is critical to making the proper adjustments from range to range, so the class begins with verifying the zero of each shooter’s rifle at 100 yards.