LR/ELR Instruction

LR/ELR Instruction

This course is designed to teach students that the boundaries they once thought impossible can easily be broken. The course will teach the student fundamentals of long range, marksmanship with magnum caliber rifles.

1 Day Private Instruction (1 student)

1 Day Semi-Private Instruction (up to 4 in your group)
$250 per person

We schedule your class according to your scheduling needs and we limit the number of students to allow for better attention to detail from the instructor.
This is a 1-day course designed for the novice marksman but it is also recommended for those shooters who have had little to no formal training. This is a non-bootcamp type class that will put shooters at ease. The course will extend your abilities out to 1500yards. Students will see the true capabilities of their rifles/scope combinations. Students will learn how to properly setup the weapon and ballistic app to be able to make those long shots. You will be introduced to how to spot your impacts and misses and give correctional calls for yourself and your partner. In addition, students will gain knowledge by exposure to shooting in cross winds and dialing scope correction/DOPE. Primary positioning is prone but field condition applications from modified positions will be covered as well. This course is also beneficial for hunters to get data/DOPE on their rifles at extended distances. At the end of course you WILL be comfortable in making and hitting your target at extreme distances.
Topics Covered
  • Safety
  • Zeroing
  • Truing muzzle velocity
  • Ballistic set up
  • Wind Reading
  • MOA and Mil adjustment
  • Positional Shooting (prone and bench)
  • Data Gathering to 1500 yds
Recommended Equipment List
  • Weapon capable of 1 MOA of accuracy
  • Quality scope with adjustable turrets with Zero Stop.
  • 100 rounds match grade ammo
  • Bipod
  • Rear bag
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Shooting mat
  • Downloaded Shooter App “Shooter”
  • Anti Cant Level for your scope
  • Snacks and water
It is important that the equipment (rifle, scope & ammunition) that you are using for our class consistently meet the accuracy and adjustability requirement.IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS PLEASE CONTACT US.

All classes taught at Triple C Range in Cresson, Tx.  Lodging is available off site. We have a reduced rate at the Best Western Cutting Horse Inn in Weatherford, TX just mention Triple C.


Contact us or call/text Jay Monych 214-616-5477 to schedule a date or ask any questions you may have.  All Classes held at