The Mile Shot

The Mile Shot

A team-building Bucket List experience of a lifetime. Bring your friend, family or co workers and come shoot The Mile with us.


This class is designed for Businesses and Corporate Team Building
It doesn’t matter if you have been shooting 20 years or 20 minutes or if you are a man, woman or youth our instructors and weapons will help you achieve a once in a lifetime experience.  Very few can lay claim to shooting The Mile! Come join us in this fun, low stress, non-boot camp environment and do what many think is impossible.

Contact us or call/text Jay Monych 214-616-5477 to schedule a date or ask any questions you may have.  All Classes held at 
DAY 1:
The class starts with a safety briefing and short class on ballistics we will then move to the 100 yard targets and with help from instructors and staff check the zero on our weapons. Next we will we transition to steel target stages where we will shoot for the remainder of the day. Each student will engage the 1000 yard target first to verify the true velocity of each weapon and to set up data for your custom shooter app.
Lunch Break: Catered lunch for all.
After lunch we will form groups of 3 with each student shooting targets out to 1000 yards. One student will shoot while another student lays along-side, spotting through their scope to help spot hits and learn target acquisition. The 3rd member will man the spotting scope,  verifying hits and making wind calls.  We will rotate positions while the instructors work with each shooter for proper mechanics and shooting form throughout the day.
This exercise is perfect for corporate team building.
DAY 2:
We arrive at the range by 8:00 am,  before the wind picks up,  and the instructors will set up the weapons. You will then learn how to obtain your DOPE in order to make these extreme shots. The instructors will then reaffirm proper shooting form and mechanics (which we touched on the day before)  and you will start to make hits on that mile target.
Each student will have up to 10 rounds to make a confirmed hit on the target in 5 shot strings. Once everyone has achieved their goal we spend the rest of the day shooting multiple targets out to 1500 yards utilizing all the skills we learned in the class. At the end of the class there will be a  short question and answer session. Finally, each successful student will receive a personalized “The Mile Shot Certificate” which will be signed and witnessed by the instructors as proof of achievement. In addition any student who makes a first round hit on The Mile target will receive a custom designed trophy!
Come join us for this true Bucket List Experience and reaffirm what a TEAM really is!
What’s Included in This Package:
    • Training from top instructors
    • Plenty of shooting at multiple distances
    • We are bringing some awesome custom long-range, precision rifles from Alamo Precision for you to shoot (ammo included)
    • Lunch and beverages are included
    • Top shooters will receive a trophy

      Lodging is available offsite. We have a reduced rate at the Best Western Cutting Horse Inn in Weatherford, TX just mention Triple C.